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Welcome to Promotion Bazaar, an amazing launchpad for all the affiliates who are striving to learn more and earn more.

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With 1000+ existing affiliates and 450+ existing deals on the platforms, we are continuously striving to reform affiliate marketing in India.

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We help you get into the ninja mode by assigning an account manager to you who takes all your questions and queries on priority.

So all you have to do is to generate your link and get started.

Timely Payouts

We make sure that all the payments are done in time. We don't stop your payments until the client pays us.

Amazing Offers

Our team continuously works on getting clutter breaking and high paying deals on the platform.

Scope of learning & growth

With an account manager and several other affiliates to work with, we promise that your learnings are going to be absolutely amazing!

Unlimited work

We don't cal how much you can earn. Just pick a deal, and start working on it. No questions asked.

we are unityWe Love Our Clients

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that we work in

We serve clients from the gaming, casino and finance industry.
The geo location of these clients - US, Russia, Thailand, Canada


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There is a lot going behind the scenes. Please create an account to view the deals and the payout.

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We do not just make promises; we fulfil them!

From our culture to our professionalism, our work and dedication towards getting things done speaks volume about our deliverables.

What our Affiliates are saying

I love Promotion Bazaar. I have been working with them since 2 years and there has been no payment issues.

Jagjeet Singh

Because of Promotion Bazaar, I started doing affiliate marketing and they have been really supportive in my entire journey.


I am happily working with the Promotion Bazaar team. They are really efficient.

Manju Negi

I cannot express my gratitude in words. promotion Bazaar is my major source of income.

Lalit Wadhwa