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How Binomo Reached from 50 to 500 First Time Depositors in a Quarter- Case Study

Online trading marketing is enormous. Around 9.6 Million people trade online every day.

But, the competition among the fixed time trading platform is equally huge.

There is a plethora of platforms that promise desirable results, and the masses get drawn towards them.

In this colossal mix of competition, it became harder for Binomo to fetch quality first-time depositors who are willing to get associated with the company for a long time.

Without adequate initial depositors, it became hard for Binomo to promote its core schemes to the users.

The Challenge

With so much competition prevailing in the market, Binomo was not getting enough first-time depositors on their website.

Even with the first-time deposit amount being as low as $5, people were not converting. The main challenge was to get quality leads that are willing to join and trade.

The Solution

With nothing their sights, Binomo decided to leave their marketing campaign in the hands of a branding company formally known as Promotion Bazaar.

As Promotion Bazaar took matters into their hands, they decided to change the publishers' payment procedure.

They made sure that payments are cleared within a day or two so that Binomo can derive instant benefits from swift promotions.

The Result

Promotion Bazaar marketing efforts paid dividends. Within a quarter, Binomo was getting 5000-6000 leads per day.

Out of that, 400-500 people were getting converted each day. The rate of first-time depositors for Binomo increased at a staggering rate within a few months.

Today, Binomo is one of the leading fixed time trading platforms in the online market doing exceptionally well as a business concern.

Promotion Bazaar's reasonable marketing efforts helped them generate $45,000 in revenue from Binomo, making them an authentic branding company in the market.