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Hola Advertisers

We are a team of ninjas helping brands to leverage affiliate marketing in a seamless manner.

Why Hitre

Why should you trust us?

We have been working with 1000+ affiliates for 5 years now and delivered 100+ projects successfully.

Not only this, we also have a proper dashboard to help our clients understand what we do and how we do it for them.

Transparent. Active. Amazing.

30% Gaming
40% Casino
20% Finance
10% Others

How do we work on any project?

When you come to our team, we design a roadmap for your growth and assign our best suited affiliates for your project.

Once we hit the goal in a stipulated timeline, we send you a report so that you can be pacified with the end result!


What it means to join hands with us?

1. Instant kick-start to your project

We do not believe in wasting any time. Once you send us the details of the deal, our team of ninjas start working on it instantly.

2. Flexible Facilities

We curate a deal that works well for you because we aim to help you maximize your profits.
No Strings Attached
We don't ask you for any upfront payment before the project is deployed and completed. For us, your satisfaction means everything.

3. Support and More

We assign an exclusive account manager to you so that you can stay updated about the progress of your project.

4. Reporting and Analysis

We don't just push your campaign and watch it. We demarcate what is working and what is not to optimize your campaign.

5. Trust and Accountability

Unlike most of the affiliate networks, we don't like breaking the trust of our clients. With seamless processes and transperant working, we deliver only the best stuff!

6. Technology Driven

We do not believe in manual labour. We leverage cutting-edge technology to make the whole process absolutely amazing and understandable for you.