How do we work?

We do not work like a traditional marketing agency. We help you with a plethora of ideas, projections and the cost for each of the options. For us, digital marketing is not a straight line service and offer, it is a mix of emotions, strategies and reports that work in your favor.

Help us with your goals

We do not complicate the briefing process. Just help us with your goals and we will serve the platter of hot digital marketing strategies for you.

Brainstorm, Finalize & Execute

Once we help you with a couple of campaign options that might work for you, your team and our team can sit down together and finalize the ideas and execute them.

Results & Analysis

As the campaign is complete, we help you with key insights with the help of data to measure the overall KPIs.

Performance Marketing

Your online business performance is highly dependent on your marketing strategy, and that is what we help you with. At Promotion Bazaar, we develop effective marketing strategies by optimizing your content through Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing. Our experts conduct market assessments daily through specialized analytical tools to determine the mood of global markets and your competition.....

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a digital means of advertisement which has four components, which are interrelated and interconnected, these components work as a channel for any advertisement in which any campaign of any product takes its shape and ultimately reaches the customers. Channel starts with Advertisers (clients) who want to propagate their products or services, second is networks that take such campaigns from advertisers and give it to networks.......

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC services) is one of the most popular means of digital marketing in which clients pay per click for their advertisements. It is the means to propagate any product through digital means which includes both web and mobile. In this way of advertisement, clients pay for every click on their advertisement....

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is our forte and we can assure that we will make your brand stand out from your competition with our effective marketing strategies. After getting strategies and ideas in place, we will start our social media campaigning. From Facebook to Snapchat, you name it and we are ready to start branding your organization there.

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Let's work together

We've been shaping this industry since 2018, and we know what makes performance marketing strategies successful through first-hand experience.