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How Leo Vegas Initial Deposit Increased by 100% in a Quarter through Promotion Bazaar’s Campaign Optimization- Case Study

Since 2012, the year Leo Vegas first came into the market, the competition has increased a lot.

Around 17% of the world’s total population gamble online, giving the online casinos a vast market to capture.

Almost all the casinos offer the same type of online gambling games, which baffled the gamblers when choosing one amongst so many online casino options.

The Challenge

Leo Vegas found it hard to gather quality online gamblers in the mix of competition and convert them into first-time depositors.

The challenge was to get avid gamblers to sign up and initiate the first deposit of $20. The company’s profits were dipping because of the lack of initial depositors.

They decided to hire Promotion Bazaar, a branding and identity maker company, to arrest the slide for optimizing their marketing campaigns.

The Solution

Promotion Bazaar, upon taking up the charge, decided to verify the traffic. They wanted to understand where the traffic is coming from and what is its quality.

They used analytical tools to understand the mindset of the leads that Leo Vegas was getting.

They added in-house traffic sources helped them understand what kind of traffic they are getting and its bounce rate.

The company also found out that many of the Leo Vegas publishers were not worth their investment.

Promotion Bazaar removed those publishers and added new ones. But, this time around, publishers were getting better deals than before.

The campaign was optimized entirely, giving Leo Vegas a better marketing push.

The Result

After conducting thorough research, Promotion Bazaar aligned all the factors well; thus, Leo Vegas got 2000-2500 new first-time depositors daily.

The new leads were determined players who were looking for an authentic platform to test their gambling skills.

In the first quarter only, the initial deposits increased by 100%, giving Leo Vegas a significant lead in the online casino market.

With the right actions in the right direction, Promotion Bazaar gained $100,000 in revenue through campaign optimization.