Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a digital means of advertisement which has four components, which are interrelated and interconnected, these components work as a channel for any advertisement in which any campaign of any product takes its shape and ultimately reaches the customers. Channel starts with Advertisers (clients) who want to propagate their products or services, second is networks that take such campaigns from advertisers and give it to networks, these networks approach publishers or affiliates to take any campaign to the audience or customers, networks and publishers are third and fourth components of affiliate marketing respectively. However, these components may skip like a network can approach clients directly for any campaign. Publishers use various means for their campaigns, like emails, SMS, banners, DSP, etc. Publishers use various platforms to run their campaigns like social media platforms, websites, search engines, etc. Affiliate marketing has been divided into many modes of campaigning Such as Cost per lead (CPL), Cost per click (CPC), Cost per Visit (CPV), Cost per installation (CPI), Cost per sell (CPS), Cost per view (CPV), etc. Categorization of the mode of the campaign has been done on the basis of branding and performance of any campaign.

Why Affiliate marketing?

According to a latest study 81% of brands, apart from other means of advertisement, are also engaged in affiliate marketing. The reason is affiliate marketing is considered the most flexible and economical means of campaigning for any product or service. It is the most cost-effective means of taking any brand to a vast customer or audience.

Why work with Us?

Promotion Bazaar provides affiliate marketing services with its most trusted means of channel of campaigning, such as E-mailers, SMS, DSP, etc. We have an internal inventory of SMS and emailers which target the audience in the most proficient and effective way to ensure better conversion in any campaign. The consistent study, and analysis of the market and demands of clients, make us the best in the field of affiliate marketing. We take responsibility for our work and give our services in the most cost-effective way with quality and quantity.

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